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Why a balm for Tattoos?

In the cosmetic industry, we're very careful about making claims when we make and market a product (or we should be). I know I am. This blog post is not about any claim for any kind of results you'll get from a tattoo balm, except that it's generally accepted that there's an after-tattoo process, and recommendations are made by tattoo artists for the new ink and for after care.

I started making tattoo balm for my daughters when they were getting their tattoos. This one does not have any water added, so I could avoid preservatives and chemicals that might be harmful to healing skin. This one is made to have a very low melting point so it's easy to smooth onto new ink, as well (smooths on like buttah, baby).

One of the benefits of using a balm after the ink is healed is that it helps present a clear pane for viewing the tattoo ink. If you have ashy skin, you can't see the work you've had done very well. Makes sense, right? This Tattoo balm is vegan. I made it this way because I have a broad range of customers, and I wanted to have broad appeal. I also noticed that the beeswax had some drag that I didn't like. Removing the beeswax, and subbing 1/2 of the weight of the beeswax with candelilla gave me the consistency and smoothness I wanted. It also feels nice as a balm for any rough patches, including cuticles! Just a very nice feeling combo. And as you can see in the photo, this can be packaged any way that you like. One of my white label/wholesale customers asked about a smaller size in a lip balm tube, and I thought, "Wow, that's a genius idea!" They give one away with every tattoo. I do not use any essential oils or fragrances in the tattoo balm, either. Both of those add too many chemicals, in my opinion, and any potential therapeutic benefits of essential oils are not good enough to risk allergy or reactions on fresh ink. So this is a naked balm. It's funny, and we joke about it at the shop, but the question of "what about a salve for this? or that? is usually answered by this one. It's just as luxurious as it is simple. And glorious.

Make sure you scrupulously follow GMP (Good manufacturing Practices) when making this balm. Sterilize everything, and wear a hair net and gloves. Use the double boiler method (best), or a microwave carefully if you would like. Candelilla wax has a higher melting point than Beeswax, so plan accordingly and make sure the other oils don't get too hot in the process.

Here's the formula for my vegan tattoo balm:

Enjoy! Take a look at for the ingredients in the formula, and make sure you subscribe to the website for special sales and news! Happy creating! And THANK YOU for stopping by!

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