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Beard Oil: No More Scruffy Beards, Darling!

Had a very good question at an event recently and my answer was simple..."So which one is better, a beard oil, or a beard balm?" Inquiring eyes searched my face for an answer.

My bearded man and his kids
All the fabulous Staley kids

"Yes!" I answered. "Let me explain why!"

Both are great for beards, and each person decides for himself which, or both, are best.

The ingredients in beard balms and oils perform differently, and it's up to the individual to find their preference. I can tell you my preference for my husband's beard, but ultimately he decides what he wears, which is both! Beard balms and oils contain ingredients designed to be nourishing to beard and facial skin. Beeswax can help as a styling aid and a humectant, and it is found in balms. Argan oil and MCT are good for the beard hair as well, and may be found in either, but MCT is primarily found in beard oils. My husband uses both; he uses the oil during the week, and the balm on the weekend. He also uses the beard balm on his head when he shaves it, and on his ear lobes because they get dry and scaly without it (This is why my tag line in my bath and body business is "No more Lizard Skin, Darling!"). He came up with this system, and it works for him.

The beard oil formula below is a simple one, and a jumping off point into deeper waters. We carry the basic ingredients Here on! Boutique oils such as meadowfoam seed oil, boabab oil, rosehip seed oil, passion fruit oil, and the myriad of other luxurious natural oils out there are waiting for your exploration!

If you want to join us in our Bubble Therapy Group on Facebook, we'd love to hear your progress and your experience while formulating "your" perfect formula!

If you're as fascinated by natural oils as I am, I highly recommend the book The Power of the Seed by Susan Parker. You can get it here (affiliate link) on Amazon. 

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