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THESE ARE STRONG with pure menthol crystals. MOQ (minimum order quantity) is 40 each fragrance. Price reflects this. An order of "1" is for 40 steamers.

Wholesale shower steamers, 56g each, shaped like pucks (see photo), no details to get squashed. MOQ 40 each fragrance, will be shipped wrapped in foil. You will receive a list of ingredients, and it is your responsibility to label them according to your local guidelines. scented with essential oils, and the ocassional fragrance. Colored very lightly with cosmetic mica.

Breathe -- eucalytpus, lemongrass essential oils, pale green color
Arctic -- eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary essential oils, no colorant
Relax -- Lavender 40/42, Cedarwood essential oils, pale purple color
Berry -- Cranberry fragrance, cedarwood essential oil, pale burgundy colorant (Angry Rose from Mad Micas, but very pale)
Forest -- Applewood Fir Needle fragrance oil, no colorant

WHOLESALE Shower Steamers -- MOQ 40 each fragrance

SKU: showersteamersWS
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