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One pound of water based titanium dioxide.

Exposure controls Use local exhaust ventilation if airborne concentrations would otherwise exceed applicable exposure limits. Personal protective equipment


General protective and hygienic measures The usual precautionary measures for handling chemicals should be followed. Titanium dioxide pigments are not irritant but as with all fine powders can absorb moisture and natural oil from the surface of the skin during prolonged exposure. Prolonged exposure should be avoided by wearing suitable protective gloves and clothing.


Breathing equipment: Use suitable respiratory protective device when high concentrations are present. For example use a NIOSH-approved respirator for particulates with N100, P100, or R100 filter. The respirator must be selected by a technically qualified individual. Protection of hands: Use gloves appropriate for work conditions to minimize prolonged skin contact and prevent drying and subsequent irritation of skin. Check protective gloves prior to each use for their proper condition. Preventive skin protection by use of skin-protecting agents is recommended.

Titanium Dioxide Water based - One Pound

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