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Ahhhh...these shower steamers fill my shop with uplifting and energizing menthol, eucalyptus, lemongrass, lavender and cedarwood. Seriously, I haven't breathed this well in months!

Listing is for a 2-pack of shower steamers which weigh approx. 50g each.

THESE ARE NOT BATH BOMBS. They are so strong that they would make your tender parts very uncomfortable. They are not meant to be handled...keep out of the reach of children AND animals. If handled, do not touch your eyes, or mucous membranes until you wash your hands with soap.

Shower steamers are made like bath bombs but with menthol crystals, and designed for the shower. Set them on a shelf where they will be randomly splashed and they could last several showers. These have a generous portion of menthol crystals that will have you breathing deep and easy.

Relax is a lavender/cedarwood combo that is said to be conducive to relaxation,<