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This shave soap has Argan oil, avocado oil and Vitamin E stirred in before it cools for a luxurious finish that soothes the face and shaved area. My set features a white ceramic bowl that fits in the hand, a badger hair brush (or synthetic), and a shave soap puck. Great starter set, or for gifting!


Front Porch, a sandalwood and bourbon scent. Very mild.

Humidor, a heady combination of pipe tobacco and vanilla.

Bootstrap, a spicy cedar and leather combination.

Lumberjack, spruce, pine, and woodsy, reminiscent of the Great Outdoors

Buck Nekkid, no fragrance but the scent of the oils. Very clean scent.

Hipster, a custom blend of lavender, cedarwood and Patchouli

To condition a beard after shave touchup, try our beard oils, available here, and our essential beard balm, here.

Old School Shave soap SET (bowl, brush, and soap)

SKU: shavesoapset
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