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8 ounces of Natrasorb 

Natrasorb Bath is a very effective tapioca starch that absorbs many times it's weight in fragrances, essential oils, carrier oils, and water.

USAGE: Usage varies depending on your application. If you are using Natrasorb Bath in a DRY product to replace talc in a dry powder formulation   your usage could be as high as 75%. If you are making a cream or a lotion and want to build fragrance and have a silky feel to the product your usage mught be 8% to 12 %. In a bath bomb the usage might be around 2%. The best advice is to experiment at varying levels to get the effect you desire at a cost that makes sense in your end product.

Although the INCI name is "Tapioca Starch," THIS IS NOT THE TAPIOCA STARCH listed elsewhere on this website as "Tapioca Starch, and IT IS NOT THE TAPIOCA STARCH YOU POSSIBLY BUY IN THE STORE.

Storage: Always store Natrasorb Bath in a sealed container and in a cool, dry place. It must be kept away from heat, sparks or fire.

Shelf life: If stored correctly the shelf life is 2 years.

Natrasorb - 8 ounces

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