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One pound of Moroccan Red Clay.


Moroccan red clay is an extremely gentle clay that is known to exhibit amazing drawing powers. This clay draws oils from the skin which makes it a fantastic astringent for oily hair and skin. Furthermore, it stimulates skin circulation and because of its gentleness, it is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. This clay is recommended for acne, poison oak or ivy and skin rashes.

Moroccan red clay is a natural clay powder that is highly absorbent and mixes easily with water and other moisturizing products. It serves as an excellent facial cleanser and purifying mask. Moroccan red clay powder is popular for facial masks and is great for acne-prone and dry sensitive skin. It can re-balance, dry, flaky skin, reduce sensitivity, and improve skin's texture and elasticity.

Moroccan powder is popular for facial masks and is great for acne-prone and dry sensitive skin. Red clay also detoxifies and improves blood circulation, absorbs oils and impurities and stimulates the skin. May stain fabric.

An easy facial mask formula: take 2 tsp french green clay and add 20 drops jojoba oil. Pour in 3 tbsp freshly steeped chamomile tea. Do NOT stir...allow clay to absorb the tea. Scoop up mask on fingertips and smooth onto face, throat, decolletage, back, etc. When edges become a bit dry, NOT ALL of the mask, just the edges, rinse with warm water over basin or in shower. Pat dry.


Discard remaining unused mask.


Additional additives: honey powder, greek yogurt, mashed avocado, mashed banana, buttermilk, goat milkDiscard remaining unused mask. It is difficult to preserve clay masks appropriately, therefore storing them dry, and mixing them at the time of use, is recommended.

Wear protective gear to avoid inhaling the clay.

Moroccan Red Clay -- 1 pound

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