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Crystallized Menthol can be used in the making of cosmetics, lotions, shampoos, salves, balms, foot sprays, and more. Pay particular attention to the usage rate, as these are 100% pure menthol and are very potent.Botanical name: Mentha Arvensis

INCI: Menthol


Menthol crystals are the crystallized oil of mint plants. They are solid at room temperature and melt at approx. 97F. If product melts, place in refrigerator to recrystallize. Widely used in personal care formulations like shower steamers, pedicure bath bombs, shampoo, muscle rubs, shaving cream, soap, masks, and more.


Menthol can irritate the skin; use carefully.

Keep away from children and pets.


Do not use while pregnant.

Consult medical professional before use.

Typical usage rate 2.5-5%


Net Wt 1 lb (453g) or 8 oz. (227g)

These menthol crystals are sold as a raw material and supply for artisan bath and body makers. Green Iguana Bath is not responsible for the finished product or how you use them. These are not to be ingested. Please use them responsibly and carefully.

Menthol Crystals -- 1 lb and bulk

$23.60 Regular Price
$20.06Sale Price
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