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This bundle is an entry-level lotion bar kit, bundled for savings on raw materials. You'll get 1 lb white beeswax pastilles, 1 lb unrefined cocoa butter, and 15.5 oz (by weight) sweet almond oil. You can substitute a bit of jojoba oil for the almond oil, or customize it to suit your vision with a range of glorious butters like shea, cupaucu, murumuru, all available at


To make your lotion bar, combine 1 part each of the bundle ingredients, heating gently using a double boiler method until melted. Your lotion bar can be customized further by adding essential oils or fragrance oils, and/or botanicals like rose petals, lavender buds, or calendula petals. You are only limited by your own creativity (and responsible usage rates). Once melted, pour into 1-1.5 oz. silicone molds to cool, then package as you desire.


If you're making these for sale, it's recommended that you follow Good Manufacturing Practices by sterilizing equipment, as well as wearing gloves, hair net, and a clean apron.

Lotion Bar Bundle

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