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Pronounced “pan-ya,” this rare, pale yellow butter has a firm, powdery texture at room temperature, and melts easily on contact. Kpangnan butter’s aroma is mild, nutty, and smoky (similar to a blend of cocoa and shea butter). More deeply moisturizing than shea butter, kpangnan also has a warming effect, and its high stigmasterol content makes it popular for joint and muscle butters. 


Palmitic acid 3%

Stearic acid 47%

Oleic acid 47%

Linoleic acid 1%

Arachidic acid .02%





Vegan and Cruelty-Free -Easy to use either alone or in DIY recipes. -Soft yet firm dry texture, melts easily, perfect for making a variety of homemade preparations such as soaps, lotions, creams, body butter, lip balms, lotions bars, deodorants, hair conditioners, and much more.

Kpangnan Butter -- 8 oz (Unrefined)

SKU: kpangnan8
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