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Grab extra attention and make an impression with a customized bar soap that you can give to prospective clients! Great for Real Estate agents, brokers, sales people, hospitality gifts for short term rentals, new apartment leases, you dream it we can do it.

MOQ (minimum order quantity) is 50 bars, please message if you have any questions.
Price per unit:
Quant. 50 - $6.50 each
Quant 100 - $6.00 each
Quant 150 - $5.75 each
Quant. 250 - $5.50 each

Soap is made to order in Jacksonville, Florida. Please allow 6 weeks from date or purchase for soap to be made, cured, wrapped, and shipped.

For large orders (150-250+) please get a shipping quote before purchasing.

Messages can be (but are not limited to) "For a Good Clean Sale" or "For a Fresh Clean Start" or whatever you can dream up. You supply the label file, and I will wrap your soap, or leave the labels off and you can label as you need. I actually recommend it this way because soap tends to shrink over time and wrapping a few at a time keeps the wrap fresh and ready to hand out.


Bars are approx. 3x3x1 and weigh approx. 5-6 oz.


Label as shown is 9.3" x 2.76" All labels must have required ingredient list and manufacturer info (see photo of back label). Shrink wrap is available.

I can receive files for printing as .jpg or .png, or you can send me a Canva link. If you need a graphic designer I can recommend one (Sarah Justice @kindawonderful in instagram and Facebook). labels will be printed by laser printer on card stock. If you desire a more color-saturated label, you can bring them to me, or have them printed and shipped!

Suggested fragrances include (but are not limited to):


Cool Breeze - Eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint

Florida's Sunchine - Citron and Mandarin

Cotton Flower - A clean cotton fragrance

Lavender Linen - Light lavender, floral

Jasmine Vanilla Sandalwood

Bootstrap - Cedar leather combo

Mr. Darcy - Mahogany Teakwood combo

Lizzy Bennet - Labender and English Ivy

Summer Rose
Fruit Loops

Monkey Farts (a.k.a.Banana Split) - bananas & fruit

Teakwood Cardamom

I can add pumice for a "gritty" effect. Colorant is cosmetic mica or a range of natural colorants that I have available.

Ingredients: Olive oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Sodium Lactate, fragrance, colorant. Nut-free formulas are available upon request but please keep in mind we use shared equipment.

I can use local beer as well for a slightly higher price.

Please get in touch to explore possibilities!

Handcrafted Bar Soap for specialty advertising, swag, promotion

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Price Options
One-time purchase
Bar Soap Swag
Save $25 per shipment
$300.00every 3 months for 18 months
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