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This is the real deal... Raw Fresh goat milk added to Olive, Coconut, Sweet Almond and Castor oils, turned into beautiful, creamy, luxorious soap! Your skin will thank you! 

Fragrance descriptions:
*Oakenshield -- Copy of Bath and Body Works Oak for Men (we call it a dupe)
*Staycation -- Grapefruit and Lemongrass...refreshing and exhilerating!

*JUST Lavender -- Lavender essential oil...that's it.
*Dragon's Blood -- Warm and earthy, like the incense base. 

*Sandalwood Vanilla w/ Patchouli -- Same fragrance blend as The G.O.A.T. beard balm and oils, best seller. Rooibos red tea botancial.
*Goatmeal and Honey -- Goat milk, Oatmeat milk, oatmeal and honey. Perfect for sensitive skin (well, all our soaps are, even on the face, but this one particularly)
*Cherry Almond Vanilla -- Extra oatmeal for scrubbiness, Cherry ALmond Vanilla Scent for fun.

*Florida Woodlands -- Citron, Mandarin, Cypress and Bayberry. This one is a best seller.
*JUST Eucalyptus -- Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil, that's it.
*JUST Lemongrass -- Lemongrass essential oil, and that's it.

*Traditional Pine Tar -- Pine Tar, eucalyptus, tea tree, spruce black, lavender, mixed into our #1 selling soap formula, with goat milk to boot. Outstanding. Very medicinal scent, but if you know, you know.


Goat Milk Soap -- made with raw fresh goat milk

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