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This soap base can be used in a variety of different ways:

whipped foaming sugar scrub
shave cream
whipped soap

This is not the brand foaming bath whip; this one is handcrafted in my shop in Jacksonville, FL.

SCI, Cocoa Butter. Vegetable Glycerin, Cocopromidyl Betaine, distilled water, Cetyl Alcohol, Vitamin E, Germall Plus

You are responsible for using fragrance and additional ingredients according to GMP and IFRA. If you add sugar for a sugar scrub, you will want to add more preservative. 

Germall Plus liquid preservative and the other ingredients to make this base are here on; this one is already made for you. Recipes for making various products from the whip will be included in the package when you purchase. One 5 lb bucket of this foaming bath whip makes approx. 35 250g jars of foaming sugar scrub for an estimated retail value of $612.50+ when made according to directions included in the package.

Green Iguana Bath/ can also white label or wholesale the finished product as pictured. Please message for details!

Foaming Bath Whip Wholesale Soap Base -- 5 lb

SKU: 5lbfoamingbase
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