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Make your own pedicure bath bombs, lotion bars, and solid sugar scrubs in the store. Excellent for team building and remote corporate activities, these sets have been used nationwide for integrated team activities.


Based on our best-seller DIY kit, we'll work through making 3 different products with guidance right in the store!

Purchase 5 or more and we can book a private class where I lead your group through creating the product. SIngle-use sets, all-inclusive of materials. Tools needed are microwaveable containers (such as Pyrex), mixing bowls, cookie sheets, and a soup spoon or meat fork.Kit includes:

Raw materials pre-measured for each activity

Color-coded packaging to keep things straight...Molds for lotion bars, pedi bath bombs

Instruction Booklet for completing your project, Nitrile gloves,Parchment paper for finished product

Instructional video coming soon, with QR code for easy access.

Feb. 17 ~~ 3-activity IN-STORE CLASS...Make Your Own!!

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