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"About Face" facial soap is a sea salt (Soleseife) soap, made with mediterranean sea salt brine. It's smooth, not scratchy, as the salt is dissolved into the water before being blended into soap. Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils, activated charcoal and French green clay are the featured ingredients in this soap. Makes your skin feel like a day at the beach (without the sunburn)! Check out our face masks here: 


Handcrafted African Black Soap, great for oily skin. Known throughout the world for it's cleansing benefits, it can be very strong, but that's the reputation and the benefit. Use on the body, and/or the face, preferably on a wash cloth or scrubbing sponge. No extra exfoliants necessary. If you're new to black soap, start with twice a week, and increase as tolerated. It can be a miracle-worker! These oval-shaped bars are a chubby handful! Each bar is equal to 5.5 oz African Black Soap, imported from Ghana by Green Iguana for you. Listing is for ONE bar of soap.

African Black Soap is also available in a foamer pump, and bottle with disc cap, with easy-to-order refill bottles for both. Listing, here: 


Want to stock up? Look for my "Fab Four" listing and choose "stock up" for a 4 pack of these bars, as well as a quantity discount! Just enter "About Face" or "African Black" in the notes to seller to specify your choice.


Handmade soap contains more oil than is needed to make soap and therefore will not strip your skin or leave you ashy or scaly.


Soap and water is recommended by the CDC as the best means of sanitizing your skin. You can use my soap on your hands, face and body.


Many of my soaps are also available in scrubs or luxe body butters for a luxurious bath experience, and for gifting.


I started making soap because we loved the feel of handcrafted soap, and my husband's problem skin responded well to the gentle formula. We used to joke that he had "lizard skin" but since we started using handcrafted soap, that is not the case anymore!


The process of making true soap requires lye (sodium hydroxide). Without lye you won't have a bar of soap. When soap is properly made and cured, the lye has turned the oil ingredients unto glycerine and salt, and is gone. Lye is no longer part of the soap.


No more lizard skin, darling!

Facial Soap and African Black Soap

SKU: AboutFace
Price Options
About Face Soap
Facial bar delivered every 4 weeks
$8.00every 4 weeks until canceled
African Black Soap
! bar delivered every 4 weeks
$8.00every 4 weeks until canceled
  • About Face Ingredients: olive oIl, coconut oIl, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, castor oil, canola oil, shea butter, sodium hydroxide, Mediterranean sea salt, activated charcoal, French green clay, tea tree and lavender essentail oils

    African Black Soap ingredients: Palm Kernel oil, coconut oil, Shea butter, stearin oil, cocoa pod husk


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