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What's a "shower steamer" anyway?

Updated: Jan 17

Shower steamers are little nuggets of bliss that you can place on the shelf in your shower. They dissolve on contact with the shower water, dispersing the menthol into your shower stall. They're brimming with real menthol crystals and essential oils, with the occasional fragrance oil on the seasonal steamers (pumpkin spice essential oil, for instance, does not exist, so I use carefully curated phthalate and paraben-free fragrances on occasion). You can see all of the ingredients on the label, and I'm always available to answer questions. So...shower steamers, what's so great about them? The menthol. The slow release that fills your shower with heady aroma, and the essential oils that it helps to disperse while it's working its magic. Not only does it do what menthol does, but the aromatherapy is also welcome. We make shower steamers with baking soda and citric acid like bath bombs, and I also add cornstarch, kaolin clay and cream of tartar to slow down the fizzy reaction and produce a hard steamer. You can put it on the floor and get a blast of scent, but if you put it on a shelf on a soap tray away from the water, you can splash it as you need more scent, and make it last much longer. Menthol crystals are the star of the show with shower steamers, and you can find them here. has the ingredients to make shower steamers, or you can purchase them already made on I make them for wholesale purchase for retail sale, with my label or for white label (where you put YOUR label on it and sell them at your retail locations). I recently finished a LIVE video showing how I make shower steamers in our Facebook group Bubble Therapy, here. If you're not a member of our group we invite you to join! Working on the logistics of having a shower steamer class in the shop, so stay tuned!

Want a kit to make shower steamers? Please message me. I'll put one together!

Oh! and before I forget, there's a formula that I use for my shower steamers. I'll post it in the files of our Facebook group, Bubble Therapy. Take a look at the video in the Facebook group

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