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Teacher Intro! The Robin's Nook

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

It started as a little interest, that turned into a small-scale hobby, that turned into a side project, that turned into a small business trying to help open doors for others.

Our story begins when my daughter, Katelyne, wanted to buy a bunch of jewelry for her to wear. When I told her no, she got a creative idea and decided could make her own, which she did. A few years, she decided she wanted to do a business class at the homeschool co-op we were attending at the time. After bouncing around a few ideas, she landed on selling the jewelry she was making. Katie loved selling her pieces because it not only allowed her to show off her creativity and skill but also taught her some good life skills. During this experience, I discovered that many teenagers had a similar mindset to hers. I also saw a need. I saw many talented, intelligent, independent youth that had no way to take their skills into the real world and build something out of their passions. That’s when I got the idea to start a small business of my own so that I could learn what it takes to turn a craft or skill into a profitable business. I want to give these talented youth a means to take their art, craft, talent or skill and test it in a real market setting. To learn how to make an honest living by taking their skills and building them into a business. I want to develop a Junior Entrepreneur Program for youth in Jacksonville and surrounding communities. At the time, I did not yet know how to be an entrepreneur, how to establish or grow a business. But I did know how to “make stuff.” That’s when I started doing research, working with a mentor, and attending programs that taught me how to be an entrepreneur. Because how could I teach something that I, myself, did not know how to do? That’s when I got the idea to create ‘The Robin’s Nook’ and use that to build and design a Junior Entrepreneur Program for teens in Jacksonville and surrounding communities. To help teach others, I knew I had to have the experience of doing it myself first. So, until we are able to start our Junior Entrepreneur program, we are going through all the steps and learning the ins and outs of having a small business. While I mainly focus on my craft of soap making and my daughter, Katie, focuses on her jewelry, we often collaborate and work together on each craft. This helps ensure that each product is made with love, care, and creativity to its fullest. Our handmade soaps are sure to make your skin feel loved while giving you a sense of satisfaction about what you’re using to cleanse it, while our specialty handmade jewelry offers an unmatched uniqueness that will both boost your confidence and accent your personality. Interview with Robin on Canvas Rebel Robin's Etsy store

Resin Jewelry Making Class Description (reserve your seat here )

The Robin’s Nook is super excited to partner with Hands-on Jax to offer Resin Jewelrymaking classes! Learn the basics of resin jewelry making and take home 4 to 6 pieces of custom jewelry designed and made by YOU! Each attendee will receive 30ml of resin to work with. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but with resin a little goes a long way. 30mls of resin can make up to 8 or 9 pieces depending on the size of each piece. This class will primarily be run by my daughter and business partner, Katelyne, as this is her area of expertise. (She will probably tell you a funny safety story which left me banned from using her resin unsupervised! LoL) There will be a variety of embellishments to choose from and you are welcome to bring your own. Almost anything can be put into resin. Examples of things we have used in our pieces include dried flowers, clay, seashells, Sharks teeth, stickers, glitter, colorant/dye, fake flowers, foil pieces, rhinestones, gems etc. We will provide a large variety of embellishments for you to choose from. We will also provide a variety of resin molds, open back bezels, closed back bezels, pendants, fillable charms and all safety equipment. This is a 2 part class because the resin has to set and cure untouched for 3 to 5 days before we can unmold it. In the second class we will unmold your pieces and make them in to key chains, necklaces, earrings, bracelets charms, or what ever you would like. We will provide all necessary supplies for this part as well. Supplies included for the 2nd class include Jump rings, key rings, chains, string, jewelry fittings, jewelry glue, earring studs, fishhooks, jewelry tools, claps/closings, charms, and some beads. We will also do any sanding or drilling needed. You get to leave the 2nd class with all of your amazing creations! A few things to know: 1.) Resin can be messy so please wear clothes that you don’t mind getting a messy. 2.) We will be wearing gloves as resin is very difficult to remove from your skin and can cause irritation. If you get resin on your skin, you will have to use acetone nail polish remover to get it off. (Trust me this is no fun!) 3.) Please let us know in advance if you are sensitive to particular fragrances or smells as the classroom is adjacent to a bath and body making shop. We will be happy to provide you with a mask upon request. If you cannot participate because of sensitivity to fragrance, we will do our best to find a way to accommodate your needs. 4.) Please do not bring young children as it is not safe for young children (like under 8 years old) to use resin. * Children 8 years old and above are welcome to participate as long as they are very well supervised (by YOU), and can follow all safety guidelines. 5.) We cannot guarantee the out come of any 1 resin piece as occasionally a less than desired outcomes occur during the curing process. This is completely out of our control but does not happen often. 6.) Relax and have fun! The creativity will flow right out of you!

We can't wait to craft with you!

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