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Nationally-Acclaimed Jacksonville Artist Kristina Hoover Teaches at Hands-On Jax Artisan Classroom!

Kristina Hoover is a Florida native with an MFA in printmaking, working primarily in the woodcut printmaking process. Inspired by the Florida landscape, and her surroundings she aims to transform ordinary life into something new and extraordinary; highlighting the bright, bold, and colorful beauty found outdoors.

Kristina has been creating all her life and fell in love with the printmaking process over 13 years ago. Kristina has been a full-time artist for the past 5 years and has previously taught as an adjunct professor. She’s exhibited throughout the United States and has been a part of numerous juried shows and art festivals in the southeast.

Her work represents new life, vibrancy, and joy. Kristina connects with the physicality and tactility of the printmaking process, as she lets the process dictate and transform her marks, lines, and colors. Follow Kristina on social media:

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